peggyJO May 30 – June 21
Peggy Jo and the Desolate Nothing

Buntport Theater Company completes their 13th season with a collaboration with Square Product Theatre, a true story about a cross-dressing bank robber, told by unreliable sources.

Peggy Jo Tallas started robbing banks in the 1990s, ostensibly to help pay for her mother's medical expenses. But she must have just liked robbing banks. Dressed in a fake beard and cowboy hat, she managed to elude law enforcement for years, as they were looking for a man they called Cowboy Bob. Peggy Jo and the Desolate Nothing recreates some of Peggy's adventures, leading up to a stand-off in the suburbs of Tyler, Texas.

Peggy Jo and the Desolate Nothing is the final production of each company's current season (Buntport's 13th and square's 8th). The production is written and produced by members of both companies, born of their love of creating new work.


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